Meditation Mind Management

This class is intended for kids and focuses on how to manage your thoughts and how to create a positive thought life through action steps and meditation. We offer 45 minute and 60 minute classes.

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60 minute - $74 per month (drop in $21 per class)
45 minute - $62 per month (drop in $17 per class)

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About Coach Heather Gonzalez

After 27 years of coaching gymnastics it has been interesting to watch the change in the adolescence mind set, in recent years there has been such a jump in anxiety levels of our youth. I have always incorporated positive reinforcement, teaching my athletes to do daily I-am statements and always telling them I was proud of them and how amazing they are. But in December of 2019 after a breast cancer diagnosis, I was in a position of stress and anxiety like many of my athletes and had a choice to be swallowed by my inner anxieties and negative thoughts or I could work from the inside out. Using meditation and prayer I fought. I truly felt blessed each day of my treatments. My cancer journey was a blessing deepening my faith and level of understanding on mind management. I began studying with a fervent passion knowing I had to share what I had learned and teach my athletes how to reach inside and pull out the positive. This lead to obtaining certifications in cognitive behavior therapy, reiki, and meditation. I am continuing my learning pushing in o the scientific areas of neuro-plasticity and the adolescent brain development.