Tumble Techs Gymnastics Academy of Fairfield NJ is the premier training facility in Northern NJ. Specializing in all your child’s favorite activities: Preschool gymnastics classes, recreational gymnastics classes, tumbling classes, open tumbling, summer and seasonal day camps, kids birthday parties, and team programs including USAG JO, USAG Xcel, and JOGA. Check out Rickswarrior.com for parkour, wrestling for girls and boys, and ninja warrior obstacle course racing.

Where can I find a class schedule and price list?

Check out the schedule links on the Gymnastics and Tumbling tabs. All classes are on a monthly billing cycle. Most classes are only $96 per month and have an annual registration fee of $50!



Do you offer trial classes?

We offer RISK FREE Trials. We do not require payment prior to a trial. If you choose that our program isn't for you, then you are never charged. If you do sign up with us, you are charged for the class as part of your first month's fee.

What should I wear?

For recreational gymnastics classes, girls should wear a leotard with (optional) shorts and boys should wear athletic style shorts and a t-shirt. Open tumblers should wear tight fitting shorts and shirts. Warriors should wear comfortable clothes which don't limit movement. Shoes must be worn in the warrior zone.

What if I miss a class?

If you miss your rec gymnastics or tumbling class, please schedule a make up. Each registered child gets one make up per month due to absence.  All make up classes must be scheduled in advance via the online portal or with the front desk and they expire 60 days following the absence date.

Gym Closures and Holidays do NOT get a make up, these are planned into the fixed monthly price. There are not exactly 4 classes in each month but we do average 40 classes per 10 month cycle after accounting for planned Holiday closures, so you are getting all your classes! We do not charge less for months with 3 classes or more for months with 5 classes. See our full 2020/2021 Calendar with class count here.

For unexpected closures due to inclement weather, you should schedule a make up class. This is in addition to the 1 make up class allowed for the month. Please schedule within 60 days of the missed class, as your make up token will automatically expire.

Team programs including Hot Shots, Pre Team, Pre JOGA Xcel, JOGA, and USAG do not receive make up classes.

How do I drop a class?

During the school year schedule class enrollments automatically roll from month to month with payment automatically charged the 25th of the month prior. If you want to drop your class, email us at tumbletechsdesk@gmail.com by the 15th of the month prior. For example, you have softball in April and it conflicts with your gymnastics class and you want to drop your class. Email the desk by March 15th requesting to drop your enrollment March 31st. We will not bill you for April and you will continue your weekly classes through March 31st.

When is the Gym Closed for Holidays?

Gym Closures and Holidays

Summer 2021 Schedule begins 7/5/21
Fall Break Week of 8/30/21 – 9/3/21
Labor Day Monday 9/6/21

Fall 2021/2022 Schedule begins 9/7/21 through 6/25/2022
Thanksgiving Thursday 11/25/21- Sunday 11/28/21
Winter Break Friday 12/24/21 -1/2/22, Re-open Mon 1/3/22

Easter Closure Friday 4/15/22, Saturday 4/16/22, and Sunday 4/17/22

Memorial Day Friday 5/27/22, Saturday 5/28/22, Monday 5/30/22
Summer Break 2021 Week of 6/27/22- 7/4/22

Summer 2022 Schedule begins 7/5/22 –through 8/26/22

Fall Break Week of 8/29/22- 9/5/22
Labor Day Monday 9/5/22

Fall 2022/2023 Schedule begins 9/6/22

Do you offer Summer Classes?

Yes! We offer afternoon summer classes and daytime summer camp. Summer Gymnastics classes are billed one price (not monthly). The price is based on 6 weeks of participation but we hold 8 weeks of gymnastics. This is because there are no make ups for missed classes in summer and we know you will likely miss a few classes for vacation. If you can make it to all 8 classes then you got 2 for free! Visit our Summer Camp page for details regarding daytime summer camp.

Can I have my Child's birthday Party at Tumble Techs?

Absolutely!!  Our Birthday Party Page has all the info you need to get started!

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable coaches and staff are available to answer your questions at (973) 808-1900. Please leave a voicemail and we will return your call. Or email us at tumbletechsdesk@gmail.com.

Can I register for classes online?

Absolutely!  Customers can click the online registration link below to register and pay for classes, open tumbling, open warrior, and open play. You can also download the iclasspro customer app available on apple and android.

Please register using the same email address where you receive Tumble techs emails.  Payment can then be made online.

Tumble Techs Gymnastics use this link https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/tumbletechs/login/

Do you offer Competitive Teams?

Yes, we offer a variety of team programs to fit each child's specific needs. We have team gymnasts ages 4-19. We currently have programs for USAG JO (Junior Olympic), USAG XCEL, and JOGA (Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association). Each program differs in training hours and skill level per age. Contact Coach Sara at saratumbletechs@gmail.com for more information regarding our team programs.

What if the gym closes due to COVID or by Murphy?

If the gym is closed due to an executive order, similar to our closure in March of 2020, we would stop future charges to all customers until we are open again. If the closure happened in the middle of the month, customers would be issued make up tokens for each class missed during that month. The expiration date of the tokens would be extended for many months to ensure that customers have a chance to use them. Team would not get tokens. We would not issue any refunds.