Tumble Techs Gymnastics Academy of Fairfield NJ is the premier training facility in Northern NJ. Specializing in all your child’s favorite activities: Preschool gymnastics classes, recreational gymnastics classes, tumbling classes, open tumbling, parkour, wrestling for girls and boys, ninja warrior obstacle course racing, summer and seasonal day camps, team programs including JOGA, and USAG, and kids birthday parties.

Where can I find a class schdule?

Right here!

Recreational classes

Warrior Zone

Open Warrior

Open Tumbling

Where can I find a price list?

Prices for each session and open classes can be found on the

Pricing Sheet

Can I have my Child's birthday Party at Tumble Techs?

Absolutely!!  Our Birthday Party Flier has all the info you need to get started!

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable coaches and staff are available to answer your questions at          (973) 808-1900.


What should I wear?

For recreational gymnastics classes, girls should wear a leotard with (optional) shorts and boys should wear athletic style shorts and a t-shirt.  Open tumblers should wear tight fitting shorts and shirts.  Warriors should wear comfortable clothes which don't limit movement.  Shoes must be worn in the warrior zone.

Can I register for classes online?

Absolutely!  Current customers can click the online registration link and then follow the directions below:

Please register using the same email address where you receive Tumble techs emails.  You will create a parent portal account by re-setting your password.     By selecting Session I on the pull down menu, you will have access to register for all available recreation/warrior classes for Session I.

After selecting your preferred class, you must also select the yearly registration tab for either family registration or individual registration.  This will automatically add your registration fee to your account.  Payment can then be made online.

New users can use the New Customer Registration Link