Home Equipment Extras

The attached list is NOT a workout. It is simply a list of skills/drills/exercises that the girls can do IF they happen to have the extra equipment and what those drills might lead up too when they get back in the gym.
I know many of you have mats, trampolines and air tracks. I know you have seen videos of our upper levels, or maybe just other random gymnasts, doing pretty “big” gymnastics on their home equipment. These are skills those girls all HAVE and HAVE COMPETED. Please, PLEASE do NOT try to teach yourself new tumbling skills that you have never tried before. Just because you have a mat or an AirTrak or a trampoline does not mean you are safe. For those girls who are interested in twisting drills, email me for a really cool twisting drill video that does NOT involve flipping and is a safe way to learn how to twist for floor and for vault.
For those of you who don’t have any home equipment and are maybe worried you might lose some of your skills: visualize yourself doing the skill - doing it correctly in the gym, maybe competing it in a meet. Watch yourself on video if you have it. Yes, when you get back tot he gym you will be rusty, but your body knows what to do - if you practice visualization then your brain will also know what to do.

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